The perfect sewing space (a work in progress) part I

Sewing still life 1

I consider myself extremely lucky that my boyfriend and I have a lovely two bedroom flat. I am even luckier that one of those rooms gets to be my dedicated sewing space. I have spent the last few months finding the perfect items to fill the space and make it look nice, whilst also being practical to allow me to keep it (fairly) tidy whilst I while away the hours with my machine. 

I do share the room with Rob (he refers to it as 'his study') but he's been kind enough to let me (or rather, he's been too polite to say anything) have the majority of the room for my passion.

The room is still very much a work in progress but I am a little closer to it being where I want it to be. So I thought I would show you the progress I've made. 

My favourite part of the room is my actual sewing space, and by this I mean where I keep my machines.

Sewing table

The table is by far my favourite piece of furniture in the flat. You can't see too well in the photos but it's very rustic looking. It took quite some time to find the 'perfect' table. I looked at Ikea, John Lewis, Marks and Spencer, charity shops etc. but I really struggled to find something that felt right and for the right price. Most tables were either too small or too expensive. Enter this little (or rather big) beauty which came from... the street! I kid you not. I was leaving my house to go to the gym one evening and there it was, by the bin, just glistening at me. I couldn't believe it. I had thought about it so much that it literally just landed on my door step. It couldn't be more perfect. 

That's enough about the table. Here's a close up view of what's actually on it!

Janome TXL607

My machine! I purchased this little beauty in May of this year. I had sold my car and decided to treat myself to a new machine. My old Janome 2032 still worked absolutely perfectly but I felt, as sewing has become a well established passion of mine, I wanted a machine that could grow with me. Sadly, the old Janome just didn't cut the mustard any more. She has now been sold to a dear friend who wants to learn to sew so I feel she is being put to good use all over again. Passing on the joy of sewing is literally the best feeling in the world!

Anyway, I'm very happy with this machine and all of it's snazzy little computerized functions.

Moving on to the overlocker. I have the Singer 14SH754 which I scored from Lidl late last year for a phenomenal bargain price of £125. It's almost jaw dropping! After spending the first months terrified of the thing I finally got around to taming the beast in early this year and boy am I glad I did! An overlocker really does make finishing seams so much easier and more professional. 

Singer 14SH754

I wouldn't say I'm an expert at overlocking and there is so much more to overlocking than just finishing seams but for now we're getting on well! I don't know if I would recommend paying the full price for this machine (which I have seen for around £240). It's a great little machine but I think there are better ones out there for that price. I would definitely look into buying one with a 'bin' for the cuttings attached to the unit because they sure do make a mess! All that said, I am still happy with my purchase for the price I paid. 


Sewing table odds and ends
Instruction holder

Other things I have on my desk, include a few small tins with odds and ends in, my pin cushion, my small 'snip' scissors for cutting those tiny threads, a bowl that I throw said tiny bits of thread and off cuts from the overlocker, plus various needles and the odd sewing foot that I've been too lazy to put back into my sewing box! I also have a book holder which I use to put my sewing books and/ or instruction booklets on whilst sewing. As you can see, currently on the sewing agenda is the byhand London Kim dress. 

Haberdashery shelf

Just above my desk is my very own private haberdashery space, aka some shelves with jars full of my notions and sewing accessories. I basically just shove shit in jars as you can see in the picture above! I have a jar for elastic, ribbons, my Sharpies (allll the Sharpies!), marking tools, other pens and pencils and a huge jar for zips and a three tiered jar for other such ribbons and wonderments (not pictured).  

Thread storage

To the right of the jars of wonderment, you'll find my threads and some washi tape. I did have a big storage box for organising my thread spools but it was too tempting to put stuff on top of the box and it became a pain to take it all off to get to the thread. So instead I use an old wooden box (which used to have wine in it) which I turned on its side and made a mini shelving unit. It works for me so far. When I'm in the mood I colour code the threads but as you can see it doesn't always last that way! That's a project for one of my next OCD days... My bobbin threads are stored in a bobbin thread organiser I bought from C&H and I have housed my overlocking thread above the box (or the upper shelf if you so wish!) I don't have too much of that currently as I've been pretty lazy and just kept the white thread on the machine thus far. 

Remnant box
Sewing library

Next up, my remnant box (not much to say about that expect the fact it's overflowing...) and my sewing library. I have always loved books and sewing books are my new favourite thing to collect. You can learn a lot about sewing through blogs and youtube videos but there's nothing like a good book in my opinion! The book I reach to most often is my Sewtionary (a sewing dictionary). It's an A to Z guide on sewing techniques and helpfully contains full step by step photographs of each technique.  

Dressmaking scissors

In one of the drawers of the my table are my dressmaking scissors. I have two pairs of fiskars dressmaking scissors and some pinking shears. I am (as of two weeks ago) now also the proud owner of some Ernst Wright & Sons dressmaking shears. Look how pretty! They cut through fabric like butter and are artfully hand-crafted. They're a substantial pair of shears too - but at 10" they make light work of those straight lines!

Odds and ends corner of the sewing room
My vintage sewing box

Finally, next to my table I have my 'odds and ends corner'. This is where I currently store my pattern paper, rulers, current project basket (with my current projects are cut and waiting to be stitched) and my sewing box. 

My parents bought me the box for my birthday last year and I am so in love with it. It's one of those old-fashioned concertina boxes. In it are my sewing feet, machine needles, machine oil and other oddities. I also lined each compartment with remnants of fabric. 

So, this turned out to be a longer post than intended! If you're still here after all of that rambling I'll post my fabric storage in a separate post so make sure you keep an eye out for that (click on the bloglovin' link to make sure you don't miss it - shameless plug!). 

Until next time sewcialists!