What I made: the simple sleeveless top

Whilst making my Arielle skirt I started to realise that I didn't own any  tops that I would be able to happily pair with it. Cue frantically flicking through all my sewing books and fabric stash to see if I could rustle something up. The result...

sleeveless top on dressform

This is the 'simple sleeveless top' by Lauren Guthrie. As the name suggests it's a pretty simple top and it only took me a couple of hours to make. As it was so simple I decided to use this fabulous peacock cotton lawn fabric I had in my stash and I think the two go well together! 

simple sleeveless top flat shot

This top was a joy to sew and I highly recommend this pattern to complete beginners. It's basically just a bust dart and a couple of straight seams. Such a confidence boosting make! The armholes and neckline are bound in bias binding, and as my first attempt at this, I'm pretty pleased with how it turned it out. This was a technique that I have avoided for a while  and now I realise how easy it is I see myself doing this a lot more in the future! Such a nice finish and I love the idea of the different looks you can achieve simply changing up the binding. 

simple sleeveless top bias binding close up

The possibilities for this top are endless and I will definitely be making more of these for my expanding handmade wardrobe! 

simple sleeveless top model