Slow fashion October 2016: Longworn

Hello everyone. Hope you've been having a nice week. It's Saturday morning and I'm sat snuggled on the sofa with a candle, a blanket, the best bunch of flowers, and the a lovely cup of tea in my favourite mug. It's a bit of a grey morning and I'm loving it! Sometimes it's great to find joy in the little things. 


This weeks Slotober topic is 'longworn'. I have a lot of clothes that I could include in this category. I've never really been one for always keeping up with the trends. Sure I've gone in for the occasional fad, and yeah I'm not still wearing the same clothes I was as a teenager (with one exception- a cardigan I was bought for my 16th birthday! It still looks like new) but I have a pretty steady wardrobe with many items dating back from my early twenties (ok so I'm only in my late twenties now but still)! 

I'm not sure if there's a secret to getting a 'longworn' wardrobe other than knowing what you like. It's a shame that these days fashion is mostly about what's 'in'. I've always been more of a 'self-expression' kinda gal. I know what I like and I stick to it. And what I liked five years ago is pretty much the same as what I like now. So five-year-ago-me picked out clothes perfect for current me! 

The other reason I have a lot of 'longworn' items is that over two years ago I started sewing. That was the game changer as far as I was concerned. I mentioned in my previous post that my current policy is pretty much "if I can make it, I won't buy it". This meant that ever since I walked past that Primark window I've pretty much had to deal with what was in wardrobe and hurry up and make stuff! 

Now that last sentence kind of led on to a whirlwind of sewing projects that were, how can we say, not really the best laid plan. What I mean by that is that I didn't sit down and plan what I needed in my wardrobe. What kind of outfits go together. What I feel comfortable in. I'd see a pattern and/ or fabric, have to have it and then make it. Then I'd wear it one day and be like "hhhhhmmm". 

I've started using a sketch book to plan out ideas- some of the sketches don't make the cut but they're fun to do!

I've started using a sketch book to plan out ideas- some of the sketches don't make the cut but they're fun to do!

These days I'm trying to be a lot more theoretical about my approach to making my own clothes. Yeah there might be a cute new indie pattern out that my mind instantly wants, but it has to fit in my wardrobe. I'm trying to come up with a base layer of items that can mix and match to see me through most situations. A capsule wardrobe if you will. I want the items to be comfortable, classic, long-wearing and most importantly 'me'. This means putting some thought in to my sewing in the planning stages. I also need some speedy makes to keep me going. That way I figure I'll have more time to spend on the more advanced patterns - to update my skills and take the time to make something really well. Not that I don't try to sew everything really well, but sometimes you need some speedy makes to fill out the wardrobe a little bit but, still make them to last. 

I have a plan forming as to what I want to make (see: my capsule wardrobe) but I like to think of it as being 'fluid' - I'm not going to be rigid about it and say "this is what I'm sewing/ wearing and only these items!" so the plans are chopping and changing but not drastically, more practically. As I get older, I am starting to edge towards more comfort in my clothing (shock horror!) and I need to account for this in the planning stages. I do get tempted by the shiny! As part of the ultimate plan I'm also trying to use up some of that fabric stash and make the items I bought fabric for last year which I never quite got around to doing so! 

So, here's to many more years of 'long wrorn' clothing - only this time they'll be 'me-mades'!