Sewing magazines

Last year Rob bought me a subscription to Love Sewing to which I did look forward to reading every month. Sadly the subscription came to end and I haven't yet re-subscribed. Although it's great magazine, which I do sometimes still buy individual copies of every now and then, I would prefer a magazine solely devoted to dressmaking. 

I do subscribe to Colette patterns 'Seamwork' which has some excellent articles about the love of dressmaking as well as a myriad of inspirational projects. Plus they have some really sweet patterns which are quick to make. (I will admit I've only made one so far but a girls has plans!)

Last week I found myself in W H Smith and wandered towards the magazine section. Surprisingly they didn't have Love Sewing in stock so instead I picked up a copy of the latest Burda Style magazine (although I think this might be the German version!). 

Burda Style magazine 2016 Autumn

I've bought Burda Style before but haven't yet made a pattern from it. Mostly because the pattern sheet and instructions seemed rather unsettling to a novice sewer! (Not that that has changed - but I feel up for a challenge now!)

This month Burda Style was full of projects for Autumn, which is most definitely my favourite season! I have earmarked a couple of projects to try (just got to find the time to make them...)

Burda Style Autumn 2016 riding trousers

One of the most exciting patterns is the riding trousers. As you know since I made my first pair of trousers I've been on a mission to make more! These look fabulous and quite different to anything I've seen in the indie pattern market. Now, I'm not 100% certain how much wear I would get out of said trousers - I'm still very much a dresses kinda gal but these look too much fun to pass up. I don't think I'm quite brave enough to opt for a imitation suede like in the image - I'd be a bit too scared of looking too cow girly - but I've seen a wonderful stretch khaki fabric from Sew Over It which I'm hoping will pair nicely! 

Burda style autumn 2016 pullover

I am also very interested in making the 'super easy' pullover. I don't really own many jumpers and this will hopefully be a super speedy make - bonus! I haven't settled on a fabric just yet, but I did see some interesting acrylic boucle from myfabrics. 

Burda style autumn 2016 wrap dress

I've been contemplating making a wrap dress for a while now and this version looks interesting - it had a flounce at the neckline to add a bit of interest and looks to be a good length. It also has three quarter sleeves, great for Autumn! 

Burda style autumn 2016 knotted t-shirt

The knotted t-shirt looks very interesting, although I did have a quick skim of the instructions and got a little confused... Perhaps I'll work it out with the pieces in front of me... I love the yellow fabric they've used though. Fabulously autumnal! There's also a dress version which looks like it might do well in the upcoming party season...

Burda style autumn 2016 knotted dress

Another project I wanted to try out was the hooded coat. It's one of the 'child and toddler' patterns and I thought it would be a great Christmas gift for my niece. I've made her a couple of items previously, including a lovely Christmas tutu dress and an Elsa style dress from Frozen, but it's been a while and I know she'll look super cute in it! I've never sewn faux fur before so that will be an interesting challenge. 

Burda style autumn 2016 fur coat toddler

I have wanted a pinafore dress for the past year - I really like the idea of a deep brown corduroy version. I love the idea of wearing a nice patterned shirt/ blouse underneath.  Now I'm not certain about this particular pattern and whether it would be by dream corduroy version but it could be an option...  

Burda style autumn 2016 pinafore dress
Burda style autumn 2016 pea jacket

Finally on the wish list of makes is the pea jacket. I'm currently just finishing up making the Thread Theory peacoat for my friend so a version for myself would be a treat! I also love the idea of a navy coat with gold buttons and there are some wonderful versions on the textile garden site.