The plaid PJ's

Last year I set myself a challenge to buy less clothes. It worked surprisingly well - I didn't buy any clothes last year! If I wanted anything I made it. This year I want to continue this way of life but I want to make more things and those things need to be useful to me. IN other words I need to make things I need and thus will get lots of wear from. Starting now!

Margot pj's

I realised a while ago that I only have one pair of pj bottoms. This hasn't been an issue for a while as I actually have a couple of really nice vintage night dresses. However, it got cold. Real cold and my night dresses are terribly thin. My one pair of pj bottoms soon didn't cut the mustard. I desperately needed a new pair. Enter the plaid pj's!

Margot model.jpg

The pattern is from Tilly and the Buttons and it's from her book Love at First Stitch. It's not actually the first pair I have made. Last year I made a red polka dot pair and I was super proud of them - they were one of my first makes. However, I made them using a quilting cotton and they weren't overly comfortable. They were wearable but I didn't find myself reaching for them all that much. This pair are made from a lovely brushed cotton with a teeny bit of stretch and they are just perfect. 

It was really nice to re-visit a pattern I originally made when I first starting out in my sewing journey. It made me realise just how far I've come. It's also an easy pattern and I enjoyed a leisurely Sunday last weekend listening to an audiobook and sewing. (I also did some baking - perfect Sunday!) I finished the pj bottoms that day and was able to wear them to bed that night. I fell instantly in love with them. 

Margot pj's

I also managed to pattern match the front of the plaids which I'm pretty pleased about because I was only half paying attention to that! 

Margot pj's fabric

As I mentioned above, the fabric is a brushed cotton fabric and I got it from C & H fabrics in Brighton. It was £9.99/m and worth every penny! It really is a beautiful fabric, from the plaid pattern to feel and hand of it. It's also a really classic pj print which is what my wardrobe was screaming out for. 

Margot pjs inside shot

I made a straight size 5. I did use a slightly smaller seam allowance in places as I was concerned about the fit but knew the size 6 would be too big. My last pair fit fine around the waist but bending down was a slight concern. I realise now this was probably due to the type of fabric I chose last time around! I overlocked my insides and whilst most seams look neat on the inside the smaller seam allowance around the crotch area caused some issues for the overlocker and they look rather messy. No biggie though - it's not like anyone can see that!


The only change I think I would make next time is to reinforce the drawstring opening. I only did one rectangle of stitches and I think it will start strain with use. I made a pair of pj bottoms for Rob last year and I think I made a button hole which might work better. 

It feels good to have made something that I actually need and is useful to me. It's great strutting down the street in a me-made outfit and feeling like a boss (especially when someone says "I love your dress!") but it's also nice being comfortable in a me-made. They're great to wear when I'm relaxing and were relaxing to make. An all round winner. 

Margot sofa.jpg

That's one useful make down. Now back to the peacoat