Goldhawk Road Fabric Haul

This weekend has been glorious. Not only has the sun been out (Summer is coming!) but I've also had the luxury of completely engagement free weekend. You know what that means - sewing time! It's always nice to not have time limits for sewing. 

Whilst whiling away the hours at the sewing machine (although tbh most of yesterday was spent hand basting - tailoring a coat means lots of hand basting!) I've been listening to some audiobooks. Finding out a way to combine my two favourite hobbies is the best feeling. Right now I'm re-visiting the Harry Potter series read by Stephen Fry - so much love! 

Two weekends ago I met one of my friends in Goldhawk Road for a spot of fabric shopping. My friend recently got a sewing machine for Christmas and it's so nice having a hobby to do together. A fabric shopping companion who is as equally excited about fabric as you is so much better than feeling guilty that your boyfriend is patiently waiting for you outside!

It was a bit of a grey day but with so many shops to visit on Goldhawk Road you're not on the street very long to even care! 

I actually didn't end up buying very much. I went without any projects in mind, which I thought would result in endless buying but it actually didn't. Shock horror I know!

Blue and green cotton florals Goldhawk Road Feb 16

First up, I bought this lovely blue and green floral cotton fabric. It's a medium-weight cotton but still lovely and soft. I adore this fabric - the colours are stunning. I bought two metres and I'm toying with the idea of making a gathered skirt or a dress. I'm leaning a little more to the gathered skirt idea though. I have a lot of dresses and it would be nice incorporate more mix and match elements to my wardrobe. Also I'm worried the print might be too much in a dress. I believe this was £10 for the 2M. 

Whilst buying the above fabric the sales assistant showed me a bag of fabric that he said he would give me for £15. All the fabrics within were 1.5-2M in length and there was a lot of it. I couldn't really see whether any of the fabrics would be ones that I would have actually bought, but on an impulse I bought them. I figured the least I could do was use them to make toiles. Maybe. 

Boy was that bag heavy! When I got it home I was actually quite surprised. It literally is a mixed bag of fabric, some of it I surprisingly like, other pieces not so much but they will still come in handy. For £15 I can't complain! 

Mixed fabric bag florals goldhawk road feb 16

These floral cottons are not exactly my cup of tea, i.e. I wouldn't have bought them had they been on the shelf. However, I do think I might wear the green or blue ones. They're not bad, just not quite me. There's around 2M of each and I think I might use them as wearable toiles. Who knows they might look better on! 

Pailsey mixed fabric bag goldhawk road feb 16

I love this paisley fabric. It's strange because, again I don't think I would have bought it had it been on the shelf but now it's mine I adore it! I think this one might be around 2.5M long, though I've not measured it. I reckon it would make a great lining in a jacket or something, or perhaps a dress with simple lines, hhhmmm decisions, decisions. 

Blue pailsey floral mixed fabric bag goldhawk road feb 16

This fabric I am really not sure about. It's quite translucent and really not anything I would have ever bought. Saying that, it is still a pretty fabric, I love the colours. There's just something a bit off about it. Not sure what. There's around a 1.5M of this and I have no idea what to do with it especially as it's so see-through. Maybe a scarf or something? 

Red floral mixed fabric bag goldhawk road feb 16

So this fabric is a real winner for me. I saw it peaking out of the bag and I initially wrote it off. Definitely not something I would have looked twice at. However, when I got it home I just fell in love with it. There's around 2M of it but sadly it's in 1M halves. I think it wlould make a great kimono-type garment. It's beautifully floaty and I love the big red rose with the black and white background. Divine and such a surprise. 

Lace overlay fabric goldhawk road feb 16

This fabric is probably my favourite from the whole day. It's kind of like lace but not. Ok, so I don't l know what it is (that's the downside about Goldhawk Road - they're not fans of labelling fabrics!) but it's stunning. I laid it over a peachy pink fabric in the shop and looked amazing. I've wanted to have a go at adding a fabric overlay to a project ever since I saw an article about it in a past edition of the Seamwork magazine and I think I've found the perfect fabric to do it with. Now I just need to find a pattern and an underlay fabric! 

Calico goldhawk road feb 16

Lastly, I picked up some buttery soft calico. Not very interesting I know but it feels nice for a calico. I've signed up to do a pattern cutting course in April and this is something to tick of the course materials list! 

Overall it was a lovely day spent with a lovely friend. We ended the trip by getting hot chocolates in the Costa Coffee on the corner. Wonderful. 

Now on to plan our next fabric shopping trip!