I made trousers!

In case it wasn't obvious from the title of this post - I MADE TROUSERS! My apologies for shouting but I think making your trousers warrants a little bit of noise. Right? 

Capri trousers - a surprising hit in my wardrobe.

Capri trousers - a surprising hit in my wardrobe.

So if you read my Me Made May post recently then you will have already glimpsed a sneaky snippet of these babies but now it's time to photograph them in all their glory - and that includes having me in them! 

Capri trousers full shot

First things first though I want to talk a little bit about the history of these trousers. I know, history sounds boring but trust me it'll be worth it. So, the last time I wore trousers was in 2008. I was at University and I'd found an amazing pair of stretch jeans from H&M. I wore them to death. Sadly quite literally. They ended their lives in the bin due to a rather large crotch hole. Glamorous I know. 

Moving on, I never bought a replacement pair, partly due to the grief and partly because if I'm honest, I kinda didn't like how I felt in trousers. I much preferred the floaty, feminine feel of a dress. I hated the way trousers seemed to cut me in the middle and I swore off trousers there and then. 

Last year when I started ramping up the home sewing I really wanted to make a pair of trousers. In particular the capri trousers from the Great British Sewing Bee Book. They were featured in the show and I loved them. But I didn't wear trousers so I forgot about them and moved on. 

Cue one year later I had been admiring the 'ultimate trousers' by Sew Over It and really wanted to give them a try but I was worried about spending money on the pattern and fabric and then all that time sewing them only for them to languish at the bottom of my wardrobe. It was then I had one of those light bulb moments - I already have a trouser pattern! 

Capri trousers leg shot

I decided the most logical thing to do was to make the trouser pattern that I already had, and to be fair looks very similar to the ones I now craved, in a fabric from the stash and see if a. they fit and b. I will wear them.  And guess what guys? I LOVE them! I want to wear them all the time. Can you believe it? I can't. 

I'm not going to lie, it felt very weird when I first left the house in them but after a while I started to feel more normal. Natural. Heck I just felt so damn comfortable in them. It was a relief to be able to walk down the street without worrying about the wind blowing up my dress or whether my dress was too short or bending down and revealing too much or the worst - snagging my tights and having to walk around with ladders. Not cool. No such worry with trousers my friends. I can bend down to hearts content (as long as my crotch seam allows)! 

Capri trousers back view
Capri trousers side shot

So the nitty gritty - what about the sewing? Well, rather surprisingly trousers aren't that hard to sew! Well, not these ones any way. They were so easy in fact that I made them in one afternoon. The only difficult bit is the zip - my 'invisible zip' is far from invisible. I'm really not sure why. I took it out several times (ok two times) and it just wasn't my day for zips. Not to fear though the zip matches my trousers quite nicely and these are really more of a wearable toil than anything else so I didn't care enough. I just wanted to wear them! 

Capri trousers zip
Capri trousers hem shot

I made the size 16 and the only adjustment I made was a slim leg adjustment (which pleased me greatly). There is an issue in the knee area but I think it's to do with the fabric. It's not the best quality fabric and has zero stretch and to be honest shouldn't have really been made in to trousers but I liked the print and they still work for the purposes I wanted them. So it's still a win.

Capri trousers sofa

There are some improvements to be made with this make but all in all I'm really pleased with them and can't wait to make more. I've now bit the bullet and purchased the ultimate trousers and as a bonus I bought them as part of the new online class they're running which meant I got the Carrie trousers thrown in to boot. The launch of this particular online class was just perfect timing for me. 

One more thing before I sign off - I MADE TROUSERS!  Yes my friends, I'm excited!

Capri trousers excitment
Capri trousers bum shot