Capsule Wardrobe Plans

For a while now I have been toying with the idea of creating a capsule wardrobe. I really like the simplicity and apparent ease with them and the eco-friendly appeal (i.e. no waste) is a major bonus as far as I'm concerned. I'm a huge fan of sustainable fashion and this is, in part, why I choose to make my own clothes. 

Sewing cutting out

I love the days I get to wear me-made clothing but the trouble is I've been spending time making long-term kinda projects (like coats!) so despite spending a lot of time in the sewing room I don't feel like I have much to show for it. My aim is to wear me-made everyday if I can so if I continue as it's going to be a loooooong time before I get there! 

So the idea is to start sewing simple and quick things for myself that pair nicely and complement each other for my wardrobe throughout the season and then this should, theoretically, free up some experimentation time for the longer term projects. 

Where possible I will also be using fabrics from stash - another win win for the plan! 

The list:

1. Ultimate trousers, Sew Over It

For those of you who regularly read the  blog you'll know I am on a mission to make (and wear) more trousers. The Ultimate trousers have such a classic look to them I can see them looking great in summer but also being wearable during the colder months. 

Although I haven't made these particular trousers yet, the last pair I made didn't actually take too long to make so this is a bonus.

2. Silk Cami, Sew Over It

A basic and classic top - a great one to pair with the Ultimate trousers and some of the pieces below. I will probably try to stick to solid colours in these so they go with more things. Again, this looks like a really simple sew - no darts, just a few french seams and a facing to deal with. 

3. Box pleated skirt, Sew Over It Vintage

This is turning into a 'sew over it' post thus far! I love a midi skirt and skirts are another item I felt was missing from wardrobe during 'Me Made May' and this seems perfect. It's a skirt I feel can be dressed up or down and, once drafted, looks relatively easy to sew.  

4. Astoria jumper, Seamwork

I love a cropped jumper. In fact all of my current RTW jumpers are cropped. They're much easier to wear and style with dresses. The bonus with this pattern is it can be made in about an hour! 

5. The Walkley, MiY Collection

This is a great capsule wardrobe contender because it's a dress AND a top pattern in one! It also looks insanely easy to sew and quick to sew- there are basically two seams to sew (shoulders and side seams - obviously you'd sew each side so it's kinda four but still!) and then just hemming. As there are no fastenings it's also a perfect throw-over-yer-head type dress/ top making mornings easier too. I am super excited about this one. 

6. Basic bodice block, Sew Over It Vintage book

Another Sew Over It pattern! This is another one from the latest book and I'm planning on pairing this with the box pleated skirt. I'm not 100% sure on this as, with my aforementioned bosoms, I'm not sure it will suit me - but if it does it could be a winner in the capsule wardrobe. 

7. Kenedy, Seamwork

Now this dress is probably not something I would normally gravitate towards - I have always been a fit-and-flare kinda gal. However, recently I've noticed that I'm enjoying a looser style of garm and this could be a winner. It also seems to be one that can be dressed up for a more classy occasion should I be invited to one! We'll see though - this one is a bit of a gamble to be honest. 

8. Wembley, Seamwork

I wear cardigans pretty much all the time and I never seem to have enough/ the right colours. I prefer a plain cardigan most of the time, one that will let the rest of my outfit shine. This one seems perfect. It's not too fancy but still looks great. It also apparently takes around an hour to make. I can see lots of these in my future! 

So that's how far I've gotten in the planning stages! I know I need some sort of coat/ jacket pattern but tbh that's something I want to spend a little more time on (I've had previous plans to make the 'Watson' but I've also been admiring the 'Claire' coat) and I think I can get away without that for the moment. (You wait, it'll be summer 2017 before you know it and I'll still not have a coat!)

My ultimate goal is to have a few base pieces that I can wear throughout the year but change things up by adding a jumper in the winter and maybe layering things up a bit more. I'm not overly fussed by what's in 'fashion', I want to create a classic signature style that I feel good in. 

Fingers crossed, hey?