Sunday 26th June

After a particularly turbulent week it's so lovely Sunday is here. The sun is also finally making an appearance here in Brighton (but for how long is anyone's guess)! I thought I would do a short(ish) post about what I've been doing, what fabric I've been buying and what I've been sewing. Grab a cuppa and let's do this!

Last weekend Rob and I headed over to Dorset to see my parents and it was just beautiful. My parents are currently residing in Bridport as my dad has been working there for a few months and I must say I'm quite taken with the place! It's not too far from Dorchester and as a bit of Thomas Hardy fan it's a wonderful place to visit. Sadly the weather wasn't quite on our side and the rain spoilt our chances of a long country walk with the new camera so, alas I had to make do with a couple of shots of my parents dogs in the front garden! Here's one of Harvey - he's 13 years old can you even believe it? He'll always be a puppy to me!

Harvey in Dorset

Whilst we were in Bridport I got to go to the most wonderful fabric and haberdashery shop. It's fairly hidden but my trusty ol' mum (probably shouldn't call her old...) had spotted it a few weeks back and I made it a mission to go there. It's in a lovely old building and has a couple of floors with lots of beautiful fabrics. It was actually quite overwhelming to be honest! They had quite a few old liberty prints at decent prices but as tempting as it was I managed to hold myself back. That's not to say I didn't buy anything though! 

Flamingo fabric

As soon as saw this I knew it would be mine! Embroidered flamingo's? What's not to love! I'm not really sure what the fabric is - it did say on the label but it was a week ago and my memory fails me! Originally I thought about making a shirt dress however, I only bought 2M and I don't think it will be quite enough. I'm thinking maybe a nice box pleated a-line midi skirt might be nice. Not sure. But I love it!

In other fabric news, I recently visited fabric land to get some cheap fabric for muslin/ toile's etc and noticed they have some really lovely viscose/ drapey/ stretch cottons in which I really couldn't leave without. Don't worry though- I have plans for all of these which is the only reason (ok maybe not only) I allowed myself to get them. 

Fabric Land June 2016

This weeks sewing agenda has mostly been about pattern prepping and planning. I'm going to a hen party with a vintage twist to it in a couple of weeks (exciting!) and the wedding follows shortly afterwards so there's a couple of outfits needed. 

I'm currently sewing a vintage style tea dress to wear on the hen party and for that I'm using the 'Simple Sew' pattern which I got free with an issue of Love Sewing last year.  The fabric I'm using was a freebie from a recent fabric swap and it's such a lush colour. Pretty pleased with how this is coming along. 

Merchant and Mills pins

I'm also working on my 'basic bodice block' from the Sew Over It Vintage book. I'm planning to make the cowl neck dress for the hen party (it's a two day event!) and also make the block up as a top for the actual wedding. I'll hopefully be pairing this with the box pleated skirt from the book. 

In the background I've also been working on a toile of some cargo shorts for my dad. The pattern I'm using is in the Great British Sewing Bee from last year and I'm so thrilled to be making something for my dad. He's a hard man to please but there was a slight smile when I showed him the toile and told him I was making him shorts. My first attempt at a fly zip and tbh I'm pleased with it. 

Dads short toile.jpg

Rather surprisingly there's only a few issues that need to be dealt with (lowering the crotch depth by an inch or so, and making the waist band and the pockets deeper - a style preference requested by the man himself). I have some fabric lined up - it just needs a press and then I'm pretty much good to go. 

So there you go a little sewing update. I must say, after a losing my sewing mojo at the beginning of the year I can safely say it's back - and with vengeance! I've got so much in the works and I so excited to get on with it all. And with that I should probably get my machine!