Me Made May 2016 roundup

Me Made May 2016

If you follow me on instagram (and if you don't, you really should - @inledesigns!) you would be forgiven for not realising that I did in fact take part in Me Made May 2016 due to lack of photographic evidence. I was, I guess, what you would call a secret participate in the challenge. There's no real reason that I didn't do the whole instagram thing apart from laziness and forgetfulness. Oh well!

Me Made May is the creation of So Zo, What do you know, and is essentially a challenge to wear your me made clothing during the month of May. You set you're own pledge and off you go. 

My pledge

I've actually only been making my own clothes for just over a year, and despite spending a lot of my spare time sewing clothes I don't seem to have accrued all that many (part of the problem is that I actually enjoy sewing for other people - I know, I'm weird!). I'm also a slight perfectionist and if it doesn't make my cut I won't wear it and, inevitably will end up in the charity pile. So, my pledge was to wear at least two me-made's a week throughout the month of May.

How did I do? I succeeded! Yeyyy! A few garments were worn twice, or more which made it much easier but there were a couple of my me-made's that I just couldn't wear *gasp!* This leads me on to one of the main reasons I wanted to take part in the challenge and that was to actually take more notice of what I choose to wear every morning and the reasons why. Asking myself why I'm choosing to not wear an item and finding out what's missing.  

I have been  well aware of certain gaps in my wardrobe for a while but it's only now I've really thought about those gaps and started thinking about a plan of action. 

I love sewing but I don't always have enough time (and sometimes inspiration) to sew. I love wearing me-made outfits but I don't have enough of it to wear it all the time. MMM came just in the nick of time to make me realise I should start sewing more practically than sewing the new shiny thing I'll actually never wear (I have been a victim of this too many times!) Phew! Glad that's sorted!

Ok so on to the good stuff - what did I actually wear in May? 

Just the comfiest pj bottoms I own. They're more 'wintery' (spellcheck tells me that's not a word but I totally think it should be!) but the start of May was a little chilly in the evenings. Love these. But, I need more. I also need a summery version. Although I do have my eye on the 'Fifi' pattern...

Kimono -  Sew Over It  

Kimono - Sew Over It 

One I haven't blogged about! I made this over Easter and is the first thing I've made for myself this year! I was getting stressed with the peacoat and needed to be selfish and make myself something but quickly! So what better than a kimono? I used some of the fabric I recently got from Goldhawk road and, although it's not the best thing I've made (although it does have some on point overlocking stitching - yes!) I love it. It got me out of a sewing 'rut' and I will be forever grateful! 

Another 'unblogged' make! I made this skirt late on in 2014 and it's not the best but it has flipping flamingo's on it! I do love the style of this skirt but it's more like quilting cotton and, as a tights wearer, it gets rather annoying when it sticks to my legs! I definitely want to make more of these though. Trouble is I have very few tops to go with them - I spot a gap in the wardrobe!

My Betty's! So, I only wore these once during May. The reason? I just hate ironing these bad girls... The fabric creases by just looking at them (especially the floral one) and they're one of the only things I do actually have to iron. Which is why they get left for so long because I don't actually have an 'ironing pile'. I also don't have a suitable jacket or pair of shoes - another gap!

I love this shrug. It's just so simple - simple to wear, simple to make, just plain simple. It goes with a fair few of my RTW clothes but I definitely need some in other colour-ways. As well as a few more cardigans. 

Oh Coco, how I love thee. I wore these so much during May (and in general tbh!). They are so comfortable and easy to throw on. A real wardrobe winner. I have three but I need more. Particularly more shorter sleeved versions, and maybe one that's not floral...

Capri Trousers -  Great British Sewing Bee

Capri Trousers - Great British Sewing Bee

So many unblogged items! These are the latest addition to my wardrobe and, rather surprisingly (for me), I love them! A fun trivia fact - I haven't freely chosen to wear trousers since 2008. Yes, that long. (I very rarely had to wear 'smart' trousers for work.) I've always wanted to make a pair of trousers - you know, to up the sewing game, but never thought I would because I didn't think I'd wear them. Not going to lie, when I first walked out of the house in these I felt weird. Like I wan't in my own body, but after a while I really liked it. I didn't have to worry about the wind blowing my skirt up or whether my jacket was making my skirt ride a bit high, or ladders in tights, and I could bend down without worry of flashing! Amazing. Oh how the other side live! I am definitely making more of these but, I'll still mostly be a dress gal - just one who will occasionally wear trousers (when I have more tops to wear!) I'll probably do a full blog post on these puppies at some point very soon so more to come!

So, that's it. I've learnt a fair bit about my clothing choices and what gaps need closing to make my mornings easier. The other thing I learnt was that I have more me-made clothes than I realised - which is always fun. But there's always more to make! Let's get to the machine pronto!