The cowl neck dress

Hello my lovelies. I hope you've all had a great week. I'm currently trying to keep my hands busy with other activities as my sewing machine is currently in the hospital. I don't think there's anything majorly wrong with it but it seems to be struggling to sew jersey fabric. I have tried several things such as changing threads, trying different needles, changing the tension and stitches. I am lucky enough to have an overlocker so I might just have to start sewing all my jersey's on that. Not sure why I don't currently... weirdly I just prefer sewing on machine and finishing the seams with the overlocker. I guess it's just habit as I'm used to sewing woven's that way!

Anyway, on with the post!

Sew Over It Cowl Neck Dress

I bought the Sew Over It Vintage book shortly after it was released last year but sadly it started to gather dust on the shelf. I never stopped thinking about it though - the projects in here look great!  

I finally got the book off the shelf at Easter earlier this year and made a version of the kimono (which you can see here if you're interested). The instructions were fantastic and I couldn't wait to delve in to the other projects and, a few months later, here we are.  

I've already blogged about my box-pleated skirt, but here is my cowl neck dress!  

Cowl neck dress

I absolutely love this dress. I get compliments pretty much every time I wear it. It's the perfect 'throw-over-your-head-and-go' dress. 

The dress is a simple elasticated dress with a cowl neck front. Simple to draft, make and wear. The holy trinity one might say! 

Sew Over It cowl neck dress

The fabric is a sweet little viscose number from Fabric Land with peacock feathers. I believe it was £4.99 p/m and I got 3M. I simply love the colour of this fabric. It was actually quite easy to work with too. I cut out all the pieces using my rotary cutter and the job was a good 'un!  

As I explained in my previous post, the Sew Over It Vintage book explores the world of self-drafted patterns based on your measurements. This dress was quite straight forward to draft although I will admit to having a few issues with regards to the bodice. I am, how shall put this, rather too blessed in the bosom department and the way this pattern is drafted kind meant there were a few issues getting it to look right, especially as the front and back bodice are the same. But I soldiered on and I think it looks ok. I might tweak it again at some point - I'm worried it's a little too baggy.

Cowl neck dress sew over it vintage

Construction wise, this dress was a dream. I used my walking foot in my machine - if you have the funds to spare DEFINITELY get one! It was also a rather quick make. Perhaps an afternoon if I recall?  

The next time I make this dress (I already have it cut out and waiting!) I will use less elastic at the waist. I did unpick the waist to shorten the elastic once but it's still a little too big for my liking. Although I normally wear this with a belt so it's not a huge issue (and I can't bear the idea of unpicking it a second time...).  

Sew over it

This dress didn't initially feature in my 'capsule wardrobe' list but I'm definitely plonking it right in there. It's the perfect little dress for me right now. As I said, such a great little throw-on dress how could it not be in a capsule wardrobe? I've probably worn this the most out of all my most recent makes and has been a bit of a life-saver this summer tbh. Autumn is here guys so we'll find out soon enough! It's also probably one of my most complimented makes. Win win win!

sew over it cowl neck dress