Birthday in Arundel

Arundel castle

Two weeks ago it was my birthday - happy birthday to me! Birthdays are always an exciting time in our household, mostly because we get to eat cake for breakfast! This year Rob actually baked me a cake which was pretty special. It was Turkish delight flavoured and very delicious. He was incredibly nervous about this task and ended up blurting out his plan to me beforehand as he wanted my help. Bless him. I made him do everything- I was just there for moral support. 

Moving on we decided to go to Arundel for the day as I've never been before and fancied a trip around an old style town. Plus it has a castle. What could be a nicer birthday treat?


When we arrived we had a good wander around the town centre for a while and I came across a nice little haberdashery/ fabric shop (I tell a lie - I looked it up on Google on the way there!). I couldn't resist. I picked up a lovely Micheal Miller fabric which was luckily on sale and a copy of the Brumby skirt by Megan Nielsen which I've lusted after for a long time. I've never actually come across her patterns in a store yet so that was nice to see. Undecided whether to make the skirt in the Micheal Miller fabric or a chambray I bought last year that's just been hanging around in the stash... 

Arundel castle turret
Arundel castle rose garden
Arundel castle rose
Arundel castle - sundial

We eventually made our way back to castle and spent the rest of the day roaming around the beautiful gardens. We were so lucky that the sun came out - walking around gardens isn't so much fun when it's pouring with rain. 

Arundel castle - archway.jpg

If you're ever in the area I highly recommend a day trip to Arundel - I for one intend to go back to the castle at some point to actually have a snoop around the inside - if it's anything like the outside it will be amazing! 

Bonus shot - this is Rob's modelling pose! It's such a treat. 

Bonus shot - this is Rob's modelling pose! It's such a treat.